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The Winds of Time is a timely analysis of the titans who shaped Western civilization

From ancient Greece and Rome to modern America, Rich DiSilvio posits bold new perspectives on the most crucial figures and primary cultures that shaped Western civilization. Covering a rich assortment of great political and religious leaders, and seminal doers, the reader will be exposed to the best and worst sides of mankind, while often being forced to think outside the box.

The author has wisely chosen to eliminate extraneous data and only focuses on the key players that truly shaped the Western world. DiSilvio’s sweeping study highlights both noble and notorious figures such as Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero, Jesus, Saint Paul, Constantine, Da Vinci, Columbus, Shakespeare, Gutenberg, Darwin, Einstein, Hitler and many presidents of the United States.

Although covering a huge expanse of material, this robust work was written from and for a new American perspective, as many insights about America's birth, growth and current quagmires are candidly addressed. With America's future and very survival in mind, the author also reveals many lessons and warnings that only the past can provide.

The Winds of Time is a must-read for any American that appreciates an unsugarcoated approach to viewing life or assessing the provocative people that risked life and limb to truly shape our world.


ISBN: 9780981762524

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