George Washington served two terms as the first president of the United States. His impressively unanimous election to hold this eminent seat was based upon his crucial military leadership during the Revolutionary War. Oddly enough, Washington's distinguished military career began with a number of fortuitous breaks, such as entering the Virginia militia as a major due to his aristocractic stature, as well as serindipitous events, such as receiving numerous promotions based more on the infancy of and vacancies in the army rather than merit. As such, Washington's learning curve was long and wavering, as he made many blunders before and during the Revolutionary War, yet his unyielding determination (such as his bold night-time crossing of the Delaware River), savvy maneuvers, and unbridled love of country jettisoned Washington to the top of the Founding Fathers new heirachy.

Loved by his subordinates and his illustrious peers, including Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin and many others, Washington further enhanced his already great name by emulating the great Roman statesman/farmer Cincinnatus. Cincinnatus was called by his fellow Romans to defend their nation, yet in the aftermath he selflessly returned to his plow, thus giving up his power and chance to become a life-long king. That George Washington followed in the footsteps of Cincinnatus rather than say Alexander the Great, who only went on warring campaigns of conquest for personal glory and had no thoughts or cares about establishing a healthy nation, Washington bolstered his already colossal stature to become not only admired but actually idolized by countless Americans throughout the ages. Hence, George Washingtron's prominent location on Mount Rushmore was well deserved.

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