The Founding Fathers of America were a unique band of brothers. Although not as compatable as many have been taught to believe, they knew well enough to overcome their differences when harsh times called upon their inner strength, resolve and solidarity. Boasting a variety of personalities, such as those of George Washington (who was drawn to military life), Thomas Jefferson (who was drawn to books), Alexander Hamilton (who was a firebrand with bold ideas), James Madison (who was an analytical thinker) and Ben Franklin (the colony's ultimate polymath), these bold and enlightened men all shared a burning desire for liberty, and what's more, the utter courage to fight the greatest superpower of their day, England, to win their precious freedom.

Naturally there are many other great Founders, such as Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, Henry Knox and many others, for the young British colony in North America boasted many brave souls that would pick up arms and fight a long war for their freedom and the God-given right to establish their own form of government. That they created such an exemparly system— based upon the Roman Republic, and not the Athenian's Greek democracy, as many mistakenly believe —remains to this day a continued topic of discussion, emulation by others, and naturally awe.

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