Susan Bee Anthony Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Martin Luther Kingpin Jr. Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Thomas Edisun Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Vincent van Goat Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Amelia Airheart Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Lionardo Da Vinci Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Albert Eine-Stein Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Hippopotamus Bosch Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Edgar A. Poet Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Michelanjello Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Madame Curious Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Carrotvaggio Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Guglielmo Macaroni Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Mary Cassette Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Salvador Dolly Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Queen Elizardbreath Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Harriet Tubwoman Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Giacomo Poochini Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Pabalo Picaxxo Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Virginia Wolf Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

George WashingMachine Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Franz List Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99

Eleanor Rosevelt Poster 16x20 $24.99 $15.99


Humorous & Inspirational Posters for Classrooms, Libraries, or kids' bedrooms

Students will not only get a laugh from these witty posters but more importantly they will be inspired by the positive captions, while their cognitive retention will be dramatically enhanced. How could they, or anyone, easily forget Susan Bee Anthony? or Vincent van Goat?

These whimsical posters feature a broad array of famous talents from various fields, and includes scientists, inventors, artists, leaders, composers and more.

Award-winning author/illustrator Rich DiSilvio presents humorous and compelling parodies by altering their names and appearances, whereby ingraining students with memorable imagery that will make them not only remember these iconic people but also inspire them to research them further.

This poster series is a spinoff of DiSilvio's YA picture book Meet My Famous Friends. The book features over 22 historical characters. Their lives and contributions have uplifted humanity in various ways, thus being great role models for young and old alike.

5stars "DiSilvio has the rare talent of combining rich artwork with cultural literacy to create flights of imagination.  Meet My Famous Friends is a book that will inspire young people and the young at heart to make new friends in history!" -- JB McPherson for Readers' Favorite

Albert Einstein


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