The Great American Leaders Mug Collection is a unique series of four super-groups of American presidents, with the exception of The Founding Fathers Mug, which begins the collection. It features the father of our country, George Washington, flanked by the titanic figures of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, each having major influences on the budding agrarian-styled republic (advocated by Jefferson) with its financial/industrial aspirations (advocated by Hamilton) that ultimately spawned an empire. Also included are James Madison, the author of the United States Constitution, and Ben Franklin, the All-American Renaissance man whose diplomatic contributions were crucial to the Revolutionary War. This patriotic keepsake is a must-have for any true-blooded American. Order yours today. Don't miss our individual U.S. Presidents mugs & Great Leaders mugs!    Available Now President T-Shirts!
Founding Fathers Mug: $35.99 On Sale for only $27.99
Expansionists & Civil War Leaders Mug: $35.99 On Sale for only $27.99
Firebrand & World War Leaders Mug: $35.99 On Sale for only $27.99
Cold War & Civil Rights Leaders Mug: $35.99 On Sale for only $27.99
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ALSO AVAILABLE George Washington mug, John Adams mug, Thomas Jefferson mug, Alexander Hamilton mug, Ben Franklin mug, James Madison mug, Andrew Jackson mug, James K. Polk mug and Abraham Lincoln mug .

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