Short Stories IV

Short Stories V

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16 photos/illustrations - 206 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-950052-00-4


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Short Stories V: Speculative Musings

From the vivid imagination of multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio comes this third volume of spellbinding short stories of fantasy and Sci-Fi.

With the first two volumes featuring DiSilvio's classic style of thrillers/mysteries and historical works, volume III, IV and V venture into the mysterious realms of speculative fiction, sci-fi and fantasy..

Inspired by Rod Serling and other greats of the genre, this collection journeys into the unknown worlds of space and the dark corners of the human mind, only to be found in DiSilvio's masterful prose and vibrantly illustrated pages.

All orders come autographed by the author/artist.



Written with Tremendous Skill

This book of short stories is so rich with imagination and wonderful writing that DiSilvio now ranks as a world-class storyteller. I'm not going to spoil the stories, but readers will not be disappointed with his latest book. Just the breadth of the stories here invoke the readers own imagination and emotions. It's really impressive. — Steve Painter

Definitely Speculative, Definitely a Wild Combination, Definitely Interesting!

All were unique and engaging, but for me "Extinction", "Luna Occisor", "Raymind", "The Resurrection" and "The Fireball Over Sedona" were the heavyweights. The others were far from weak, having an interesting quality all there own, especially the rhyming poetry in "The Septic Siren's Song" with a dark humorous bite. Expect the Unexpected! — Ed Salice


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