Short Stories IV

Short Stories V

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Short Stories V: Speculative Musings

From the vivid imagination of multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio comes this third volume of spellbinding short stories of visionary tales, from the outer reaches of the cosmos right down to good old planet Earth.

With the first two volumes featuring DiSilvio's classic style of thrillers/mysteries and historical works, volumes III, IV and V venture into the mysterious realms of Sci-Fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction.

Inspired by Rod Serling and other greats of the genre, this collection journeys into the unknown worlds of space and the dark corners of the human mind, only to be found in DiSilvio's masterful prose and vibrantly illustrated pages.

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Written with Tremendous Skill

This book of short stories is so rich with imagination and wonderful writing that DiSilvio now ranks as a world-class storyteller.

I'm not going to spoil the stories, but readers will not be disappointed with his latest volume. Just the breadth of the stories here alone invoke the readers own imagination and emotions. It's really impressive. — Steve Painter

Wow! FIVE STARS Indeed!

Wow, this is incredible! It’s so interesting to see short stories with such developed characters and plots that I could not put it down. I felt like this was just a small part of a larger universe.

This book reminded me why I love and choose science fiction. In a matter of a few pages, Rich DiSilvio, who is the talented mind behind this work, manages to construct a fantasy world that captivated me from the very beginning.

Even in its briefness, his characters are all well rendered and their interactions show how well developed they are, which in itself is quite an amazing thing to portray.

To summarize: great stories, good pace, excellent description, and sublime plots with outstanding character development. Five stars indeed. — Evelyn

An Amazing Book!

I must say, I started reading this book with a bit of scepticism, but after the first story, I was hooked! Di Silvio's writing is intriguing and filled with details. The number of creatures and wild places that come out of his head amazes me!

I had a lot of fun reading this. My imagination was all over the place. The characters are surreal and the different emotions the author is able to translate into words are amazing. I really enjoyed this book and I am on my way to get a new book by Di Silvio right now!

A Collection of Highly Alluring Tales

Short stories can be of a lot of genres in one cup of tea. We get the reading experience of horror, thriller, sci-fiction, romance, etc from a single book. And such is the case with Rich DiSilvio's Short Stories V: Speculative Musings.

The book comprises twelve short stories, which range from happiness to dismay. The twelve varieties depict flawless emotions, and readers are brought to think of themselves and others as they experience ordeals of living and surviving. Some characters may feel so close that we see them every day in our lives, while others feel weird to us.

I am already a fan!


I Enjoyed These Stories A Lot!

Volume V in DiSilvio’s short stories collection does not disappoint. It is made up of 12 short stories dealing with an array of topics, which are all equally catchy and entertaining.

The different stories are written in the form of dialogues and they touch on topics, which may not be ones we're used to encountering in these types of stories, such as The Face of Evil and Luna Occisor, among others. However, DiSilvio does a great job laying down these different themes.

At first, I did not know what to expect from the book, since the titles looked strange to me. But that was actually what caught my attention and made me buy it. I was pleasantly surprised. All the stories evoke emotions and the author has been able to make use of characterization in a genius manner. I enjoyed these stories a lot!

Sol Tyler

Definitely Speculative, Definitely a Wild Combination, Definitely Interesting!

All were unique and engaging, but for me "Extinction", "Luna Occisor", "Raymind", "The Resurrection" and "The Fireball Over Sedona" were the heavyweights. The others were far from weak, having an interesting quality all there own, especially the rhyming poetry in "The Septic Siren's Song" with a dark humorous bite. Expect the Unexpected! — Ed Salice


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