Short Stories III

Short Stories III

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16 photos/illustrations - 158 pages
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Short Stories III: Strange, Weird & Sci-Fi

From the vivid imagination of multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio comes this spellbinding collection of strange, weird, and Sci-Fi tales.

Featuring the chilling, dystopian tale “Adam & Adams”, the probing and disturbingly prescient tale “God’s Mistake”, the riveting and humorous "Life of a Shyster", the poignant yet uplifting tale “The Quest for Immortality” and more!

Inspired by Rod Serling and other greats of the genre, this collection will make readers think while journeying on exciting adventures, only to be found within DiSilvio's masterfully written and illustrated pages.

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Short Stories III: Strange, Weird & Sci-Fi continues Rich DiSilvio’s exploration of literary genres beyond the historical fiction employed in much of his other work. The stories in this volume fall within the realm of speculative fiction and embrace many common themes of the genre: time travel, dystopian futures, and sentient artificial intelligence, to name a few.

Some of the stories draw upon the political and cultural climates of the present day. In one story, unchecked prejudices stoked by our entitlement culture and identity politics appear to be the ultimate cause of humanity’s self-induced extinction.

A particular facet of Mr. DiSilvio’s storytelling that really hits home for me is his emphasis on the arts. In this volume, I enjoyed seeing the illusory work of M.C. Escher highlighted in a Scrooge-like tale on the transformation of a selfish man facing his imminent mortality. Another story is a modern take on the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box, literary art in itself but also the impetus for great works of art in other forms throughout time.

The author’s own visual artistic abilities are on display as well, with an image collage accompanying each story. The image for the final story, also used for the cover art, I found particularly captivating.

Short Stories III is an excellent addition to the collection of volumes highlighting Rich DiSilvio’s work in short-form storytelling. I don’t know what’s in store next, but I certainly look forward to it. — Randy Myers


Mr. DiSilvio is a skilled storyteller. His words capture the moment and the mood. These are original, off the main stream, well told stories that make a point. Characters are believably drawn and presented. Expect an intelligent, emotional ride and a twist or two along the way. — Robert Krueger


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