My Nazi Nemesis


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Thrill ride! Page turner! Keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Those descriptions are often used in reviews for this genre, but no book I’ve read yet has earned those descriptions as much as My Nazi Nemesis.

This is a masterfully written novel, sure to be a bestseller. The author, Rich DiSilvio, knows how to weave a story that intricately develops the characters and progresses the plot in a way that leaves no cracks for anything to slip through. A highly recommended read for any fan of this genre. -- Nellie Laurie

The writing is Razor Sharp and Clever. The plot moves along at dizzying speeds, but in a really great way. If you love your suspense thrillers doused in darkness and your characters tough-talking and hard-boiled, then you will not regret picking up My Nazi Nemesis. -- ELP

A Masterpiece!
This novel is a blast! It is amazing! Every segment and every part of it!

DiSilvio did a truly amazing and fantastic work. Everything about the novel is great; the story, the premises, the fact that we (okay Jack, but you can understand me) need to catch and face with our old enemy. Amazing, breathtaking, a bit nervewrecking but all in all – A Masterpiece! -- Ivan Hecimovic

One word: intense. This book was intense, and I mean intense!
"It is such a great, dark, thriller that keeps the readers on their toes. There were so many suspenseful moments and sudden twists in the book that I could never find a good time to put the book down! The book definitely did a number on me – my heart was constantly pounding hard and fast and often times, my hands were shaking. I felt so in the moment of the book. Overall, this is a great book for anyone looking for an intense thriller!” — Celeste L.

Thrilling & Artful
“DiSilvio also has rich reserves of vocabulary and imagery resulting in fresh and vibrant similes and metaphors. For example: “A faint glow illuminated the open meadow as a sliver of the crescent moon pierced through the undulating clouds, like a scalpel cutting cotton.” — Gordon Osmond of Book Pleasures

This is the first book that I've read by Rich DiSilvio and it was great! It’s a well-written thriller that is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

There are many twists in this wonderful novel that will leave you wondering, guessing at what will happen next. The characters are funny and quick-witted but tough and determined. If anyone is looking for that next great novel to read, I highly recommend this! -- Sam Gaskill

While some readers may pause because of the plethora of stories about WW II and the extremes of the Nazis, this reader would hastily add ‘but you haven’t thought about it the way Rich has’. His story is unique in that it relives a period of time and then brings it back in to the future like a ghost story – a very clever and successful choice for creating a fascinating new novel.” — Grady Harp, Amazon HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER

I so, so enjoyed My Nazi Nemesis. Author Rich DiSilvio has written a real roller coaster of a book, and once I started it, I simply couldn't put it down! The characters are interesting and realistic, the scenarios are exciting and adventure-filled, and the writing is thrilling and funny to boot.

Any reader who enjoys fiction with an adventurous or thrilling format, or is simply looking for a great read, should absolutely pick up My Nazi Nemesis as soon as possible. I highly recommend this book, and am certainly looking forward to reading more from this talented author as soon as possible! -- Chris Fischer

This novel is well-written, holding the reader’s interest and curiosity throughout the evolving and intriguing story line. By interweaving historical information with a powerful and realistic tale, Rich DiSilvio crafts a fascinating novel in My Nazi Nemesis.

He presents the horrors of a Nazi death camp through the experiences of Veronika, as well as several harrowing espionage events. These horrific situations are balanced by Jack’s witty sense of humor and products of the 1950s and ‘60s. Jack tells his stories while smoking Camel cigarettes and Eleanor snacks on Good ‘n Plenty’s. This dark thriller engages the reader entirely, and one cannot wait to find out how the story ends! -- Deborah Lloyd

The GPS did a poor job of getting me through the twisting streets and dark alleys of Jack Goodwin’s mind, through whom the story is told, but just in the nick-of-time, DiSilvio provides the necessary guidance to make the journey well worth taking.

DiSilvio’s strength lies in linking historical, contextual backgrounds to the fast moving events that face the characters of the story. Such things as the Nazi’s “Final Solution” or the plots to kill Hitler are not presented in a heavy-handed or preachy way. I had enough of that in History 101.

The story follows OSS Agent Jack Goodwin, his wife Veronika, and Waffen SS officer Alois Richter, Goodwin’s nemesis, as they play a deadly cat-and-mouse game of intrigue in war-torn Poland and Germany. After the war, now CIA agent Goodwin, entwined in the dark underbelly of Cold War, explains to his fifteen-year-old daughter, Eleanor, that Richter killed her mother, Veronika, in a fit of jealous rage and did his best to have Goodwin join her. Driven by revenge to find and kill Richter, father and daughter set out to hunt him down. But, all doesn’t go according to plan and Eleanor is forced to make a life-and-death decision:

Eleanor responded to her father, “But how can you ever truly know if your belief system is correct? Truth to one person is a falsehood to another…” -- Ben Furman


My Nazi Nemesis
by Rich DiSilvio

"DiSilvio's plot is cunning and ingenious!"
-- Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite


Jack Goodwin is a savvy CIA agent oozing with charisma yet saddled with baggage. Haunted by a dark past for fifteen years, Jack finally reveals all to his daughter Eleanor.

As an OSS agent during the war, Jack had been involved in a series of near-death engagements; from failed sorties and secret missions, to a horrifying stint at Auschwitz, to having met and married Eleanor's mother Veronika.

But the flames of passion had died when a prying Waffen SS officer, named Alois Richter, entered the fray. With an amorous eye for Jack's bride and a suspicious plea to join the OSS, Alois had sent Jack’s world into a dark tailspin with catastrophic results.

Fueled with revenge, father and daughter join forces to hunt down his long-time nemesis. Yet when disturbing evidence arises, Eleanor is forced to reevaluate the mission, as intrigue, murder, and suspense abound, leading to a climatic face-off that reaches unexpected and terrifying heights.

Listen to the ominous opening of Alfredo Casella's Second Symphony, which appears in the novel.

The full symphony is available at Amazon.



Jack Goodwin/Hornsby: A former OSS agent during WWII, Jack Goodwin is now a crackerjack CIA agent who had changed his name after the war to Hornsby for covert reasons. Despite being savvy and unpredictable, Jack has a witty sense of humor, one he likes to showcase even when under the most dire situations. A charming yet deadly ham, Jack will have your rapt attention and in stitches, perhaps even literally!

Alois Richter: A Waffen SS Oberfuhrer, Alois appears to be the ideal Aryan, extremely handsome, very talented, strong, and charming, particularly when he sets his eyes on Jack's wife, Veronika. Yet although Richter is deft at playing Wagner on his violin, he is also quite mysterious and lethal, thus making him Jack's ideal nemesis.

Eleanor Hornsby: A clever and athletic fifteen year old, Ellie is enthralled by her father’s vivid tales of heroism during his time in WWII. Yet she is forced to grow up quickly and finds herself in a situation that mushrooms into a hellish twilight zone, testing her mettle to the maximum.

Veronika Scaliakov: A beautiful Soviet woman of Italian birth, Veronika is a courageous fighter pilot, which the Germans called Night Witches. Yet, Veronika finds herself enmeshed in a toxic love triangle (with Jack and Alois) with deadly consequences.

Peter Haskell: Eleanor's fiancé and eventual husband, Peter is a lanky and timid pharmacist who has his own endearing qualities, yet according to Jack, Peter is just a putz!...unworthy of his daughter's hand in marriage.

Bronislaw Sinkowski: An obese Jewish kapo at Auschwitz, Bronislaw is well read and has a love of high culture, but his lust for survival and riches coupled with his odd proclivities turns him into a ruthless animal, no better than some of his unhinged Nazi cohorts.

Hans Schmidt: Hans is a proud, diehard Nazi with arsenic in his veins. Bred in the toxic sewer of Nazi Germany's Hitler Youth, Hans has matured into a heartless and deranged Scharführer, hellbent on seeing to it that Veronika and Jack meet gruesome fates.

Klaus Becker: A small, nasty, weasel-like Sturmbannführer, Klaus sports thick glasses and a riding crop, which, due to his uncontrollable temper, he simply loves to use.

Rudolf Höss: The real-life commandant of Auschwitz, Höss's cameo appearances offer disturbing tidbits of actual events, while immersed in the fictional story line.

Paolo Fusco: An old Italian WWI veteran who lives on Lake Como, Italy, Paolo plays the role of informer.


“DiSilvio distinguishes himself in the genre by telling Goodwin’s story from a decidedly American and personal point of view. For those reasons and others, My Nazi Nemesis is a welcome addition to the genre.” — Bella Wright

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DiSilvio brings to light amazing, yet sady neglected, facts, such as the Soviet Night Witches, and many other facts that add realism to a riveting thriller of historical fiction.


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