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Hatred & Integrity by Rich DiSilvio presents two gripping character portraits, pitting Hitler’s hatred in the first tale against the integrity of Roosevelt and Churchill in the second.

The tales are concise vignettes of key scenes in the lives of Hitler and his roomate, and FDR and Churchill, whereby focusing on their psychological bearings that blossomed from seeds planted either in their youth or by circumstances.

As these iconic characters of history engage in actual events their fictional dialogue is infused with excerpts of actual quotes for authenticity, while the topics range from art and music to politics, religion, science, and warfare.

The lives of Hitler, Roosevelt, and Churchill spring to life, offering readers an entertaining yet informative glimpse at three icons that had monumental influences on Western civilization, as hatred and integrity butt heads in a World War to battle for supremacy.

Although we know the outcome, the process, motivations, and actions remain intriguing and critical specimens for perpetual study and careful analysis, as hateful warriors never cease to arise from the pit of anger to challenge the righteous.



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