Grandfather of America

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Christopher Columbus' journey across the middle of the Atlantic defied the conventions of his time. While others hugged the shoreline -- such as Leif Ericson, who landed in present day Newfoundland and not only retreated but never enlightened the Old World to his discovery, proving useless -- Columbus took his crew across the broadest section of an unknown ocean for two terrifying months, using only dead-reckoning and a quadrant.

More importantly, it was soley due to Columbus' discovery that Europeans from different nations followed his path, and in doing so, eventually led to the English settlers and the founding of the colonies that would eventually become the United States of America.

Therefore, while George Washington has been honored with the title Father, it is only fitting that Columbus should be honored with Grandfather.

This exquisite mug features artwork of Columbus, his ship, and the Statue of Liberty by Rich DiSilvio. It was originally created for the quincentennial and sold as a collectors plate, but was recently incorporated into a new design to create this celebratory mug in honor of Christopher Columbus, the Grandfather of America.

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