Short Stories III

The Arnolfini Art Mysteries

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Arnolfini Art Mysteries 2!
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The Arnolfini Art Mysteries

From multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio is this riveting collection of six mysteries, each handsomely illustrated.

Follow the charismatic and clever private eye Armand Arnolfini as he investigates a variety of suspenseful art crimes and confronts a dazzling array of thieves, forgers, and even ruthless murderers. Arnolfini’s manhunts take him from New York to Italy, Belgium, Germany and beyond in his quest to unravel a series of perplexing mysteries, while also seeking to preserve a broad spectrum of great art and artifacts that have made indelible imprints upon Western civilization.

Each story is a stand-alone episode, yet are arranged chronologically, thereby creating a harmonious and sweeping narrative from Armand’s first intriguing case to his last.

Contents: The Phantom Forger, The Russian Link, The P.T. Barnum Mystery, The Mark Twain Mystery, The Yoko, Oh No! Mystery, and the Ghent Mystery.

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Crisp, Concise and Incredibly Entertaining

Rich DiSilvio has a very witty style of writing that makes him unique and stand out.

Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Another Engaging Read from DiSilvio

Rich DiSilvio does it again with The Arnolfini Art Mysteries, giving readers another taste of his variegated expertise in diverse fields, shaped with his excellent knack for engaging storytelling.

This novel of international intrigue will be tasty fare to those who enjoyed Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. However, what makes this particular reading experience even better is the fact that DiSilvio's book is actually a compilation of short stories, which each standalone on their own, but can be read together sequentially to create one overarching mystery that will take you from New York to Belgium to Germany and Beyond.

Charles Hanna, Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer

6 Fascinating Cases

What is it about this author’s writing that has garnered him so much praise and recognition? Well, it didn’t take me long to find out.

As unfamiliar as I am with the world of art, DiSilvio hooked me quickly with his superb writing skills, his sense of humor, his easy dialogue, and his amazing descriptions of not just the art but the art museums and his own obvious enjoyment of his protagonist, Armand Arnolfini. Armand is former FBI, now a private detective and an art connoisseur. So it’s only sensible that when valuable pieces of art suddenly go missing people call on Arnolfini.

In this collection of 6 fascinating cases, enhanced with photos, and with intriguing titles like “The Yoko, Oh No! Mystery”… and yes, it actually involves Yoko Ono and John Lennon…readers travel with Arnolfini to parts of Europe and the US, locating not just surprising culprits, but surprising reasons for why they have stolen or forged artwork.

By the time you read all 6 stories, not only will you learn a great deal about art and its creators, but you will find yourself, as I was, incredibly moved by some of these “culprits.” Why? Because DiSilvio writes not just to entertain, but to recognize the many gifted people amongst us who go through life unrecognized for their talent in many walks of life, but especially in the various arts. The first story, “The Phantom Forger,” illustrates this best, but the theme reappears in other stories.

Then there’s the celebrity factor i.e. it’s so much easier to be recognized for your talent if you are the partner of someone famous. DiSilvio also gives readers quite an insight into the theft of great works of art during the Nazi regime. A final word on The Arnolfini Art Mysteries? Don’t miss a chance to learn a lot about what you might not know or haven’t yet considered while being marvelously entertained by a brilliant writer!

Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

Five Stars

The Arnolfini Art Mysteries by Rich DiSilvio is a collection of tales all featuring the same main character - Armand Arnolfini - a private investigator with a love of art who investigates cases of theft and forgery. The author seems to have done a lot of research into their stories and the art world as a whole. The dialogue is believable and the characters are well developed. The book is not too long and could be enjoyed on a commute or lunch break. I would recommend The Arnolfini Art Mysteries to mystery fans as I think they would enjoy reading Armand's stories.

Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite


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