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A Blazing Gilded Age Liszt's Dante Symphony

The riveting saga of an immigrant family of coalminers struggling to overcome adversity in a volatile nation burning with ambition yet bleeding with injustice. Features Teddy Roosevelt, J.P. Morgan, Mark Twain, Nikol Tesla, James Garfield etc.

A sizzling thriller of espionage, mysterious murders and ciphers set amid the belligerent rise of Bismarck's Prussian empire, which leads to Hitler’s infernal Third Reich. Features historical icons, such as Napoleon III, Pope Pius IX, Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler and many others.

The Winds of Time Devil's Darning Needle

The acclaimed masterwork that perceptively analyzes the titans who shaped Western civilization, from ancient Greece and Rome to modern times. Contains biographies and provocative commentaries that have added profound insights into the historical record.

A chilling novel by a former FBI chief of counter-terrorism with a prophetic plot.

Fitness Sam's Quest

FITNESS at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond
The definitive new scientifically based diet and exercise program addressing the health concerns of people over 40.

SAM's QUEST for the Crimson Crystal
A Young Adult fantasy novel with a unique story line and positive message.

History - Historical Fiction - Thrillers

DV Books provides outstanding non-fiction, historical fiction and thriller titles that cover the full breadth of Western civilization. From famous Roman Emperors like Caesar, Augustus, Hadrian, Constantine, and an array of barbarians to the religious realm of Jesus, Moses and popes to Renaissance geniuses like Da Vinci, Dante and Machiavelli, to great composers like Beethoven, Liszt and Verdi to American icons, such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Teddy Roosevelt, and capitalists like J.P. Morgan, Carnegie and Vanderbilt, you are sure to receive an enlightening and rewarding experience, whether by direct nonfiction or via historical novels that are infused with amazing facts, while being creatively entertained.

Fine Art, Greeting Cards & Coffee Mugs

DV Books offers a unique selection of giclees on canvas and inexpensive posters. Additionally, we offer a spectacular collection of designer coffee mugs featuring US Presidents, Great American Leaders, and Great Composers.